Children need interesting mothers.

Can’t remember who said that.

But if anything, I am a very interesting mother.

Also, Tolstoy, who was a writer and a farmer (well, mostly a landlord) and a Christian and an anarchist, said this, in A Confession, my favorite book of his, probably because it is so short … I cannot find the exact quote because I am tired. But he said something like crazy people think everyone is crazy but him or herself.

Basically Tolstoy was awesome and right, even if he rarely farmed and was a bit of a hard ass. His heart was in the right place. He probably spent about two hours a week on a hot farm in Russia in August in between writing and his wife.

August is a crazy month. Everything is producing, and then you see plants start to wither. On an island that thrives from tourism, everyone in the working class is tired and grumpy.

It’s hot. It’s dry. But the nights are balmy and clear and quiet. You think about what could happen, and you think about getting people to stop tailgating you when you are driving the speed limit to town. Not such bad problems.

I do think somehow this will work out. And when my divorce comes, I won’t lose it. I will be strong. I will make time for writing. So many smart and artistic people have done it here before me. It will work out. For myself and my child.


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