381-1233891708GdW7I can smell it. Fall is coming. I see a huge moon over my head on Crow Valley Road. I now need a sweater when I go to town. Cinder (AKA AKCCNW) finally enjoys going outside. the air is getting crisp.

I love it here and I hate it here. Locals refer to the “120 days of August” as the tourists mob the island and cannot even park properly.

First world problems.

But everyone goes a bit nuts here in August. People quit jobs. I quit in July! Too much! I’m a jerk.

I respect those who can stick it out. I sort of want to leave. Whenever I visited Orcas, it was the dead of winter or spring. So I did not know about the seasons. I wanted it to be winter all the time! But I’m working class, so I can’t expect it to be winter all the time. I have to move with the seasons, now. Wherever I go, even if it is Seattle. I’m now a worker among workers. I left my life, my career, supported my PhD husband as a house wife simply with a liberal arts degree, and now I am on my own. So, wherever I am, I see the moon. And I move with the seasons.

There is nothing wrong with moving with the seasons, you know? You have to plan ahead. Be strong. And manage your days properly. Don’t languish on Facebook or with family and friends with First World problems. Don’t try to out-smart your old editors and their  First World Problems.

Speaking of … here are some things that you need to know about:

Palestine continues to be a a hairball. Read about that at IMEMC.org.

The Lakota are doing the right thing and standing up to big oil companies and state-owned archaeologists right now at Standing Rock, which straddles North and South Dakota. I wish I could be there to stand with them now. Yesterday, I thought, “Hey, I need to go back there and try to write and take part in this protest. Stand up to the FBI and the state troopers.”

No, the honorable thing to do is to stay here and cultivate a life for myself and my child.








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