So, I have not gotten any more attention and chit chat -it’s been pretty quiet – until I got my overalls and Xtratufs, and the attention being from from the local islanders. Apparently, bibs and boots are the way into friendship, community and conversation.

It took me about month to get my Xtratufs in the mail, and the right size. I told CJ: ” I need to go to the post office to get important packages.”

When I emerged from my verso in my overalls and boots, he said, “OH my! Xtratufs! You need a photo shoot!”

I replied, “Yes I know, sailor is doing this.”

Time goes on. I wear my boots around Orcas. Everyone asks, everyone, “Never seen the side gussets. That’s cool. Where did you get these boots?”

“I just ordered them. I don’t know.”

It continues. During hitch-hiking, talking to ferry dock workers, sailors, farmers, at the bank, at the store, etc.

The best thing about these boots is striking up conversation with people here on the islands.

Plus the overalls?

I’d never get a second glance in Seattle or Vancouver in this get up (maybe Portland, once they catch on). But here I am. Living my life, honestly. In my bibs and boots.


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