I love her and admire her work. I found her when I was trying to write my own cancer diaries, which I scrapped because I could not do it. I just could not do it anymore. But her life is more more rich than mine, and her prose is just wonderful. Please do read this and read her in the London Review of Books, which is simply why I subscribed to the magazine, other than to be bored and lectured to sleep.

As for me, I’m scrapping the writer thing for new pastures. Certainly, I’m no Jenny Diski, or anything even close. I seek new islands, something else, maybe as lucrative as beach combing. I’m putting my words to sleep.

Some have said that I need to get my shit together. Others have said it’s my karma. I say to all of you, sounds great. No more. You win. Maybe you don’t understand how cancer can affect a young woman’s life.

But I will read great writers like Diski and take her word as my own. As should you. Be all the wiser for it.



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